Ethical Living - 4 Ways Your Workout Can Save The World

Your training at the gym gets your endorphins going and your blood pumping round your body. Practising yoga gives you mental clarity, clearing your mind and improving your flexibility. And you eat healthily to maintain shape, health and well-being. But did you know your workout can also help save the planet – not just yourself?

Here are four different ways you can make a massive difference to the planet – and still get fit and healthy:


1. Stay hydrated, but ditch the plastic bottle


Staying hydrated is no doubt the most important consideration when exercising, yet all that plastic ends up in landfills or worse, in our oceans. Here’s 2 companies that help you ditch the plastic and help save the world whilst you stay hydrated:

Ch2oose Water ­­– a UK based water company that not only has gone completely plastic-free with a bio-degradable bottle, but gives 100% of their profits to Water For Africa

4Ocean – a company physically removing plastic waste from the sea, have now begun selling re-usable metal water bottles to help rid the world of plastic waste.


2. Buy gym and yoga clothing that supports charities or uses sustainable materials


Many brands have made it their ethos to give back to the world either by supporting charities through donations of profit or using sustainable, and in some cases recycled materials, to make their activewear. This is where we fit in:

Asuno – as an ethical yoga and activewear brand we help feed mal-nourished children, provide water to regions in Africa and provide birth certificates to un-registered children through our 3 charity partners

Other brands doing a great job are:

Wolven Threads – activewear made from recycled bottles and inspired by nature, this yoga and stand-up paddleboard brand is removing plastic from the world one item at a time

Spiritual Gangster – a yoga brand dedicated to donating meals to charities in both America and around the world for each item purchased


3. Run marathons, triathlons and any other charity event.


Instead of training without a goal, why not aim for a big charitable event to participate in? There has never been a better time to push yourself in the name of charity. Here’s a couple of the big ones:

London Marathon – 22 April, the world’s largest one-day fundraising event sees over 30,000 participants yearly running in the name of charity.

Cancer Research UK (Race for Life) – 29 July, 5K and 10K runs with all charitable donations going to over 200 types of cancer research.


4. Buy training shoes that use Fair-trade components or give proportions of sales figures to charity.


Even the training shoe companies are getting involved and you’ll be surprised what can be used to make up those shoes that help you excel whilst training:

Veja – A French company who make part of their shoes from recycled plastic bottles and even say that the upcycle process creates a smart fabric, both breathable and waterproof.

Ethletic – create shoes that use fairtrade materials such as organic cotton, are 100% vegan, so no animal products are used and ensure fair pay and working conditions for all involved in their manufacture.


Welcome to the world of ethical fitness, it’s time to look good, feel good and do good, and become the best version of yourself in every sense, not just the best athlete.

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