New Goals, New Opportunities!

It’s that time of year again, where we set our goals and expectations for the year ahead. We’ll run a marathon this year, start that business, or become a master yogi, much like those we see splashed on Instagram. Sounds familiar right, we all do it, but are we setting ourselves up to fail?



For many January is the month to review and evaluate the previous year, building plans for the year ahead. It marks a new cycle where we are able to mould, shape and define our future with new hopes and expectations – and we are not alone.

January is believed to have gained its name from the Roman God Janus, the God of Beginnings, Transitions and Endings, who was represented in Roman mythology as having two heads… looking both into the past and into the future simultaneously. So it seems this long standing tradition of self-evaluation at this time of year spans hundreds of years.

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But why do we wait for the turning of a new year to make these resolutions…? The truth of the matter is we shouldn’t. If something in our lives needs changing, we should act straight away, continually make new plans, and create the most fulfilling life we can for the way we want to live it. We’re all different, with different likes, dislikes and dreams – that’s what makes us all so interesting to one another.

It is always never a better time to start yoga, join the gym, or take that leap of faith that you have been scared to do, year after year. Outside of your comfort zone is where the most rewarding opportunities happen, it's time to jump in and see what happens. 


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So this year let’s all makes resolutions that we will stick to, but let’s all also make the resolution to continually make new goals all year round, and not wait till next new year to try something new!


Happy New Year!

Ben, Founder

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